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This cheap plan of Vi is equipped with 105GB data and validity up to 70 days, know the price

Talking about the plans of other rival companies of Vi, most of the plans of Airtel and Jio are 84 days after the validity of 56 days, which costs up to Rs 600. However, the price of this plan of Vi is less than 500 rupees.



Vi has brought a plan for customers today by finding a plan that not only gives them benefits like data, calling but also gets long validity with it. This affordable plan of Vi comes with validity of neither 28 days nor 56 days but full 70 days. However, with the validity of other major telecom companies Airtel and Jio in the price of this plan, you get data, calling SMS benefits in this plan. However, the feature of this plan is not limited only to that, like many Vi plans, customers also get unlimited data benefit and data rollover in this plan, which in itself makes this plan special. Let's know what is the cost of this plan and which benefits it is equipped with.



Also. Yes, 70 days validity is available at a price of Rs. 499. Speaking of VII's other competing business plans, Airtel and Geo have the largest number of plants at 84 days after 56 days of validity, with the price not releasing at Rs 600. However, VIIAS plans have a 70-day validation publication for less than 500 500. Apart from validity, there is something special in this plan. Speaking of benefits, this plan provides daily 1.5GB of data for use. Under this plan you get a total of 105GB of data with a validity of 70 days.




In addition to data, this plan also includes unlimited calling benefits, in which you can enjoy local, STD and roaming calls on any network. Also in this plan you will get 100 daily SMS free.


In addition to data and calling, this plan also brings something very special for you. In this plan you get all night data pack, in which you can use unlimited data from 12 noon to 6 o'clock in the morning, and that data will not be deducted from your existing plan. Not only this, with this plan you also get the facility of data weekend rollover, under which from Monday to Friday on every day you have not used full 1.5 GB of data, the remaining data of that day you use on weekends Can.

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